Monday, June 4, 2012 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

Another Fast Update

Hey Y'all.

it's been forever since I last posted to this blog,  since it's now at the end of spring a lot of events have been coming at me from all directions; Grads, Birthdays, Islamic Lectures, Baby showers, Fashion shows, Makeup Gigs, weddings. it's just been kinda busy over in my neck of the woods. 

i'm not going to really get into it though, but I felt like had to update, even if its only a small post. but this week i plan on posting a lot more on this blog :) wish me luck, and hopefully i can get a few post up this week. also i still plan on posting cooking, baking, a drink posts. so stay tuned!

Fashion Night,  an hour before it started, it was really a  good turn out, i didn't take many pictures after this one because i was one of the MC's for the night, also one of the main event planners, around 80 something woman showed up and everyone had a good time, and asked for another one. i'm so happy everyone had some much fun. at the end of the event we asked for suggestion for the one, and the only thing everyone said was that, they wished it was longer lol
got to keep them wanting more. :)
picture with one of my friends

ICNA 2012 Weekend, 1st day with my younger bro "Roc"

ICNA 2012 Weekend, 3rd day, sorry i didn't take a picture of the 2nd day
with my cousin "Hanan"

ICNA 2012 Weekend, 3rd day, with my cousin "Naji, & her son Milo lol"

After Jummah, withe my younger sister "Qiyah"

My mother randomly got hermit crabs for the house when she and two of  younger sister went on a school filed trip lol