Thursday, November 24, 2011 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

Software Giveaway, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

So as the holiday season is here and we’re going to be getting dressed up, hopefully having a good time acting a fool with family and friends and also taking lots and lots of pictures to help remember these good times to remember for all time.

So what better way to start the season then with a giveaway?!

Okay so first of all let me just say that have kindly e-mailed me and asked for me to try out their Digital Scarpbooking Software.  And I got to say I’m really enjoying myself playing around with it and making a lot of different layouts and playing with all the little bits and bobs they have on it, it really does have a lot of stuff jammed into their program.

And that’s not even the best part, but what is, is that it’s really simple and easy for anyone to use, and I mean anyone, even that aunt/uncle who is still using AOL lol, but for real I really do enjoy using this as it’s like really Scrapbooking just without all the glitter, glue, and million and one different things making a mess on your floor with glue and tape sticking to anything it touches.

ANYWAY on too the good part…. They offered for me to host a giveaway to my readers, and anyone who else wants to enter to win this awesome Scarpbooking software so let’s get down to some easy to follow rules to enter to win….

1.       Visit
2.       Comment below and tell me what’s your favorite layout, or digital paper pack you like from their site

It’s as simple as that, also for everyone to spread the word about this giveaway if you will, I’ll love that, and I’ll give you a digital cookie lol

Here's a page I did for thanksgiving


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