Wednesday, November 9, 2011 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

Eid al-Adha '11

So here are some pictures from the Eid, I didn't take as many as i would have liked, but I was to busy having a good time with my family and friends, even though a few of my fav people wasn't there, I still enjoyed myself. anyway how was everyone else's Eid, what did you do, did you spend it with family, or friends, or a mix of both, or did you sleep the day away?

(Left to Right) Sara, Matene, Batlah, Me, and Roc

(Left to Right) Me, Saybah, and Mya

(Left to Right) My Father and Mother Duh

(Left to Right) Mya, and Roc

(Left to Right) Roc, and Me

(Left to Right) Saybah, Mya, and Zarinah

(Left to Right) Me, and Zarinah

(Left to Right) Zarinah, and Me

(Left to Right) Zarinah, Qaiyah, Me, and Saybah

(Left to Right) Muhammad, and Abdullah

(Left to Right) Me, and Abdullah

(Left to Right) Abdullah, Musa, and Mikhal


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