Monday, September 5, 2011 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

Eid Ad-Fitra '11

Is it just me or, does anyway else stays up the night before Eid, doing random things, just to make time pass, even though going to sleep makes more sense? lol

so anyway ever year my family and some friends goes to the first Eid Salat at 7am, and leave right after to go to breakfast at Ihop than return to the Masjid for the second Salat at 9am to chill with everyone else and take pictures than leave around 2pm;  to then head home to change outfits and head out to have some good old' fashion family friendly clean fun lol every year we change it up some. this year we had breakfast at Ihop, than Pictures/Hanging out, Hour nap, Outfit change, Bowling, Lunch, than Movies after that and then everyone does their own thing later on into the night.

My Sisters, Me and My Mother, don't know where my brother went too lol

Me, and My Mother

My Outfit was Deep Purple, even tho it looks blue here @_@

The whole back of the ihop was filled with muslims, lol most were family, and friends lol

The Boys


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