Monday, August 15, 2011 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

Rainbow Cupcakes

So the last few days I’ve been baking a lot, because I’ve have nothing better else better to do. So I dissuade to make some rainbow cupcakes for my family.  So here are the steps to make them, if y’all didn’t already know! Also some pictures to see how they came out :D Enjoy!

*I first mix the cake mix (yellow) in one bowl

* Then I put even amounts of mix in different smaller bowls, so that I can mix different food color in each bowl like: Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, and I didn’t mix any yellow color because the mix is already yellow lol

*After that I put the cupcake cups in the cupcake pans, putting the different colors from the bowls into the cups with a spoon, and then layering more colors on top of the other one and doing the same only change the color combo

*After their done baking, I let them cool, and start making the frosting color, using vanilla frosting; I mixed one half with blue food coloring, and one half with pink food coloring. And left a little for some white ones

Anyway that’s all, so what do you guys think, let me know?! Also if there’s anything you wanna know let me know!!! or if you have any cool/good/yummy recipes please let me know, I’ll love to hear/read them 


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