Thursday, July 28, 2011 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

July Fun, Birthday, & Even Some Trees

Me, and Mya on the 4th of July. we really had  a good time at our  bbq, with the family, and some friends. this year we really just wanted to chill and relax without having to plan and do a lot of work. also later on that day we went to see the fireworks, then went over to a friends house for some good clean fun.

Bella, & Saybah. as you can see we all had on Red, White, & Blue that day, for this awesome holiday, but just look at my  beautiful sisters. i can't help but smile when i see this picture!

So every year, my family and some friends go camping, but since this year Ramadan is going to be in August we had to go a little early then we usually go, so we went on the 2nd weekend of July. the Picture above is under one of our canopy tent... ain't it pretty!

Linky's 1st Birthday, with his mama, dad! 7/13 also his my July buddy!

Mya, & Me on our way to Harry Potter on July 15, 12:05am 1st Showing, also my Birthday, yay me! this is the 2nd time with opened on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!!!!! also my 1st birthday outfit lol

My 2nd birthday look! Happy Birthday to me!!!! 7/15

my 3rd birthday outfit, 7/15 this was taken when they were singing the birthday song! love my family and friends

my birthday cupcakes, and brownies,  made by my two little sisters Saybah, Qiyah, & my friend Abir 7/15


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