Monday, June 27, 2011 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

Crazy Weather and Rainbows

Springfield’s weather has been kinda sucky lately, with one day it’s raining cats and dogs and cold, and then it’s sunny and hot, then it’s cloudy and windy the next moment. But one thing’s for sure is that after all the bad and crazy weather is that almost always something comes after that makes it all worth it!

Monday, June 20, 2011 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

of Fun days, BBQ, Bad days, and even some Birthdays

So first of all, I wanna say I’m sorry for not updating in like forever and a day. I've been really busy these pass couple of weeks. I've had a few BBQ’s, Grad Parties, & Birthdays to Attained to. Not to mention Hair & Makeup Gigs, and ICNA was a few weeks back to, and I’ve been busy helping the Islamic school close down for the summer, and one of my friends just had her Baby Shower. but... overall I want to say sorry again for not updating.

Also I’m not sure if y’all know or not but Springfield just had a tornado at the beginning of this month, that being said,  I live in the valley so most of the people living here had no clue on what to do when one touches down near them or around the area where they live. Some parts had thunder storms and nickel sized hail, and crazy ass wind. We got hit pretty badly but God really is merciful because it could have been a lot worse. Every last one of the tornado victims are in my prayers.

Anyway here are some pictures from the last few weeks!

Me Bowling, I'm pretty good to lol
My Mothers, Mother's Day Rose Cake, her fav color is yellow

ICNA, Shopping kind of was slacking this year, the lectures were good tho.
Mass Tornado 6/1/11