Thursday, April 21, 2011 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

...of Birthdays, Henna Parties, Road Trips, Weddings, and Warms Days

Sorry I haven’t been updating this blog for awhile, I’ve been really busy the past few weeks; with one of my friends getting married. My older sister Huda that lives in Qatar coming back for a few days, and us having to pick her up from NYC, and birthday parties, and preparing for a big make-up gig I have coming up at the end of this month, and working on getting my garden up and running, also my and two of my sisters were helping out at the school… but, it kind of turned into a mini photo-shoot lol

It’s been a hell of a busy month so far, and it’s not helping me, that my house have been kinda crazy with my younger sibling having this week off for spring break :/  oh! And how can I forget the ooh so fun spring cleaning, I’ve been doing lol.  Anyway I have some pictures I’m gonna share with y’all from the pass few weeks, 

Henna Party (Bridal Party) 
Bella and Me
Bella, The Bride(Meena), and Me

Roc and Me after leaving the party
Sumaiya's UMASS 
Early Surprise Birthday Party. 

Her Birthday is on 4/4 but we had it on 4/3 because everyone had to study the next day lol
and at most parties you need food

The Birthday girl is in the middle wearing blue

New York City
Having Stayed in NYC for a long time, i'm never to happy to drive back into the city, but like always we all have to do things we don't enjoy, don't get me wrong i don't hate it there, i just can't really see myself living there again :/ for shopping and the food yes, living  not gonna happen lol
Look at that beautiful sky!
ugh New York traffic
leaving the city

Meena (The Bride) and Me

Huda and Me

Huda, Me, and Zarinah(ZZ)

Mya, Bella, Wajid, and ZZ

My Mother(Ummi) and Me
Me and Mya
Me and Laila
PS.The bride’s brothers/sister and my sisters and me, where the only ones wearing pink/purple because we were the “bridesmaids, and them the bridesmen?”

 Sunny Day Photo-shoot
Me, Bella, and May

Bella and Mya

Me, and Mya


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