Friday, December 10, 2010 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

UMass College Eid al-Adha Dinner

Sup people, so UMass had a very late Eid al-Adha dinner last weekend 6-11pm very late for a “family dinner”, late am I right? Anyway so we got the family together in the big van and took a 35min ride up there for some food, and to get some laughs. One thing that UMass never fails at is to get a nice good laugh. After many speakers later and a 10-15min wait for the main speaker to come, even though he wasn’t late, I guess they never learnt time management. After the “late” speaker came, my cousin, younger sister (Mya), and myself went back into the main room, where we couldn’t really hear a thing, thanks to a loud table of woman and their loud children. With their husband sitting at the table next to them not helping them even a little bit… so sad. Anyways overall had a good time chilling with the family and having some food and seeing the few people up there I like.

Saybah and Mya

Me and Dullah

Me, Fajr(in blue), and Rayya
Roc, Me, and Dullah


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