Thursday, July 29, 2010 | By: Hafsah Abdul-Rahim

Camping ^_^

This past weekend my family and a few of our family friends went camping. once a year all the family packs up the cars/vans and drive the whatever miles to the camping grounds and spend
the weekend together eating, talking, swimming, bonfires and just having an all around good
time. I didn't really take a lot of pictures this year because I just forgot with everything going on.

Most of the free time I have while camping, I just like taking long walks by myself, and enjoy nature's beauty.

(Around 8am)

(Around 1am)

Breakfast is a big deal for us when we go camping. So the 1st one is around 9am and we have cereal. Fruits, and bagels. The 2nd is around 11am and we have bacon, sausage, eggs, and


And since most of the time we eat junk food during the afternoon dinner is pretty much a big deal to ^_^

Who doesnt love Bonfires!!!

And whats camping without Smores, but once again we have so many of us that we have a Smores line setup thats forever long, but always fun lol

and of course the beautiful water around sunset


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